Kevin Walker

Running For House of Delegates 45th District

Kevin Walker was born in 1982 and raised in Mercer County WV. Both of his parents as well as extended family raised him with the belief that hard work and dedication leads to happiness and success. Since birth Kevin has never left the state of West Virginia for employment. Kevin married his longtime sweetheart Amanda in 2005 and they have one son who is 18 years old.

I have been in Emergency Services for 20 years and currently serve as the Director of Emergency Management/E9-1-1. I attend church and have served for the last 9 years as Sunday School Superintendent, Deacon and an Evangelist. I am PRO- LIFE. I believe in creating better paying jobs for our citizens. Support and defend the 2nd amendment, stand behind our military and their families, as well as all of our great first responders. I support the coal heritage and continued export of coal in West Virginia. I stand with and support our coal miners, teachers and service personnel.

Regardless of the party, it does not represent the person that I am, or my thoughts and the ways I look at legislation. I am a person who weighs out the pro vs cons and what it does for the citizens and how it is going to hurt the citizens. 1000% support our coal industry and do not support any legislation on blocking or stopping coal in WV. I stand in arms with our teachers and service personnel. We have the ability to provide top notch education. I will work for our teachers and services personnel.

I would NEVER SUPPORT anything that would hurt the citizens of this state.


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