Debbie Blake-Hendrick

Running For Circuit Clerk
Debbie Blake Hendrick filed for the office of Fayette County Circuit Clerk on January 10, 2022. Ms. Hendrick is a life-long resident of Fayette County, a graduate of the University of Charleston and has been employed by the Fayette County Circuit Clerk’s office since July 1999. Ms. Hendrick was appointed to the position of Fayette County Circuit Clerk in January of 2021 by Chief Judge Thomas H. Ewing. During the almost 23 years she has been employed by the county as a Deputy Clerk, she has learned all aspects of the office and feels she is exceptionally qualified candidate to retain the position. The Circuit Clerk’s Office is the keeper of the records for the two Circuit Court Judges and the Family Court Judge. The Circuit Clerk’s office handles Criminal, Civil, Domestic, Juvenile Abuse & Neglect, Juvenile Delinquency, Guardianship/Conservator, Mental Hygiene, Drug Court & Family Treatment Court Cases. The Circuit Clerk’s office is also responsible for juries in Fayette County Circuit & Magistrate Courts. The Clerk is responsible for all financial aspects of the office, which includes preparing and presenting the yearly budget to the County Commission, collecting filing fees, court costs and restitution, disbursement of funds and related record keeping for the office, and reporting to the State Auditor’s office. The office has a staff of 6 employees working with the clerk

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