Zach Shrewsbury

Running For US Senate
Zach’s Bio: Zach Shrewsbury is the only electable Democrat running to represent West Virginia in the U.S. Senate. As a native West Virginian, a Marine Corps veteran, and the grandson of a coal miner, Zach has seen firsthand the struggles faced by working class folks just trying to get by. He is running because the working-class people have been sold to the highest bidder for far too long. His entire career has been focused on helping his neighbors and communities and he’s ready to take that fight to Washington. His passion for making a difference through organizing, mutual aid, and mobilizing communities has shaped his commitment to fighting for social and economic justice. Zach’s Platform: -> Workers Rights and Labor Protections Repeal the Taft-Hartley Act to limit union busting & end right-to work. Pass the PRO Act and the Public Service Freedom to Negotiate Act. I will never sell out workers. -> Access to Affordable & Quality Healthcare Healthcare for ALL & limit chemical & hormone additives in food and fund public health education. Provide funding for rural hospitals & community health centers. Heath care is a human right and every person should have access to care. -> Disability & Social Security Reform Cap the retirement age at 60, raise the max benefit by 150% monthly, increase the SSI asset limit. Our retired population deserve to live comfortably and save money. -> Sexual & Reproductive Healthcare Protections Repeal the Comstock Act and the Hyde Amendment, codify abortion access, funding, & freedom including birth control, Plan B, medication abortion, gender affirming care, & IVF. People have the right to decide if, when, and how to become parents without government interference. -> Safe & Affordable Housing for All Invest in & build affordable housing units & repair existing units with priority to impoverished communities, strengthen the Fair Housing Act, fight gentrification, redlining, & exclusionary zoning laws, implement rent control, & strengthen tenants rights. Homelessness is a policy choice and we all should at least have a roof over our heads and food on our tables. -> Just Transition for West Virginia Workers Ensuring a just transition is the only way forward for impacted workers and communities. It’s not just a responsibility to the workforce itself, but to the communities they live and work in. Our government must not only provide direct financial assistance, as well as federally subsidized paid training programs and a federal jobs guarantee for the workers that have been impacted by this transition. This includes the expansion of programs like the American Climate Corps to incorporate out-of-work coal miners and those looking to change careers. We must ensure these jobs have comparable wages and benefits, including strong union representation. -> How do we pay for it? By making the wealthy pay their fair share: Ending corporate bailouts saving the government trillions of dollars, implementing a wealth tax on the top 1/10 of 1% – people with a net worth of over $32 million (Which will bring in $4.35 trillion), ending corporate tax cuts and raising the corporate tax rate to 35% (raising revenue by at least $3 trillion per year), just to name a few.

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