What Is The Fayette County Chamber of Commerce?

The Fayette County Chamber of Commerce exists for all business, regardless of size or type, and serves as a spokesperson for the community. The Chamber also promotes the image, the retention, and expansion of existing businesses, economic vitality, and well-planned growth.

Chamber membership has many advantages, including but not limited to, reduced booth rate for Bridge Day, free brochure space at the Visitor Center, free monthly E-Newsletter and Free Listing & Link & Image on our website. 

History Of The Fayette County Chamber of Commerce

The idea of the Fayette Plateau Chamber of Commerce was formed by a group of Oak Hill business people in the 1960s. In 1970, the official chamber was formed, hiring a “permanent” Executive Director, Paul Hess. Paul resigned in June 1976. In 1986, the name changed to Fayette County Chamber of Commerce.

When Did The Chamber Start Bridge Day?

Bridge Day actually started as a bridge walk that followed the year after the bridge opened in 1977. Everyone enjoyed it so much; the Chamber would have one side detoured so people could walk across the bridge. On November 8th, 1980, they had the first official Bridge Day, 40,000 in attendance. There were vendors, BASE jumpers and a lot of spectators! The official link for bridge day is www.officialbridgeday.com.