WiFi Access Zones

Do you have existing outdoor Wi-Fi access that you would let kids use for school work?

Please consider joining us to help our kids gain access to the internet for school work. To get started, create a new SSID with the name of Kids Connect and make the password SchoolRules123 so that kids can log on to any outdoor access point easily. A universal SSID and universal password make it easier for kids to gain access to the internet at multiple locations avoiding confusion and so that anywhere a student is it will automatically connect if the SSID is available. It also allows us to be included on the official Kids Connect Map that helps students and families find access zones.

We have a great community with folks to help you get up and running if you need help contact Alison or Tabitha.


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If you are not currently using the SSID & Kids Connect password.

Want to get involved, but don’t know where to start?

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    Would your church, business, municipality, etc. be interested in this service? WiFi access points can be installed by KTS Security. They’ll program the access points and show you how to use them. It is important that you already have access to high-speed internet, cable, or high-speed DSL at your location.

    • Cost: $300 | Includes outdoor WiFi access point, up to 200 feet of cable, installation, set up, and programming.
    • Contact: Call KTS at 1-304-465-0400 today!