Mike Harvey

Running For County Commissioner

About Mike:
My name is Mike Harvey, and I have decided to run for office because I want to leave a lasting legacy of economic prosperity here in Fayette County.

My Values & Beliefs:
I consider myself a Christian and do my very best to express those values daily in all my actions.
I feel strongly that the closer to home we govern, the better the outcome. I think government gets in the way more often than it helps. I firmly believe the government’s only true role is to protect its constituents. I also believe the smallest minority is the individual. I also believe the best social program is a job, which is why economic development is so important to me.

Why I am running:
I can’t sit back and continue to do nothing, so I have decided to take an active role in giving back to our local community through an initiative I am calling “Making a Difference in Service to Fayette County.” I would encourage you to stay tuned by following along on my website votemikeharvey.com and on social media. I’d also ask you to consider what you can do to become involved in giving back. We’re all in this together. Let’s make Fayette County thrive!

My personal life:
I have been a resident of Fayette County since 1988. I am now 55 years old, semi-retired and living in Fayetteville. Sadly, I am a recent widower having lost my wife in Sept of 2021 to cancer (after a 15year battle) and COVID.

In September 2017, I suffered two consecutive strokes which left me paralyzed on the entire left side of my body. Since the strokes, I have used a wheelchair for mobility; however, over the last year I have worked aggressively to regain my ability to walk. I also have made it a point to ensure that all the employees, clients and patients who depend on my company’s service have had their needs met. That’s something of critical importance to me.

My professional life:
Since 1988, I worked for some of the largest healthcare corporations in the country. Now, as a Partner with Specialized Respiratory Services (a healthcare consulting and staffing business based in South Carolina), I help provide respiratory therapy services in 26 states. With one other partner, I’ve supported and grown this company to a level of annual earnings of around one million per year. In the last 15 years, I’ve also developed a recruiting business providing professional and executive-level candidates to healthcare organizations.
Locally, I am currently in the process of building a new business known as “The 304” which is based in Fayetteville. Through this venture, I intend to bring at least ten new full-time jobs with benefits to our region.

My platform:

Growing our local economy
I can’t accept that Fayette County’s median household income ranks 35th in West Virginia. Therefore, I will work to invest in our dying communities, partner directly with mayors, forge partnerships with our Federal delegation, and secure grant funding for projects at the local level.

Creating jobs
I can’t accept that the unemployment rate in Fayette County is higher than the state average and higher than the national average. I will promote current tax incentives that encourage manufacturers to locate here and leverage my personal business relationships in the long-term care industry to bring in more jobs.

Enhancing our prosperity and quality of life
I can’t accept that the number of overdose deaths in Fayette County is higher than the state average and higher than the national average. Our communities are being ravaged by despair. This is no way to live.

Knowing that prosperity begets further prosperity, I will work to create an environment that puts Fayette County on the map as a business destination.

Increasing affordable housing
More can be done to encourage the development of long-term housing options. I will work to make it a priority that development at Wolf Creek Park includes housing, revisit tax incentives, and address the oversaturation of the market by vacation rentals.

Addressing food insecurity
I can’t accept that the number of children going hungry in Fayette County is higher than the state average and higher than the national average. It troubles me greatly that food insecurity is so prevalent. I will work to prioritize the issues facing our county so that funding is allocated appropriately.

Fostering entrepreneurial development
With the amount of talent we have in Fayette County, I find it concerning that when we speak of economic development, we very rarely discuss how to nurture and encourage entrepreneurial development of new businesses and encourage the expansion of existing businesses. I will work to implement a mentorship program and find a way to crowdsource funding for budding entrepreneurs.

Improving infrastructure
It truly disturbs me to know that there are portions of Fayette County that do not have adequate infrastructure to meet the needs of its taxpaying citizens. The most recent comprehensive plan prepared for Fayette County lays out our pressing issues. I will make it a priority to allocate funds to see these projects across the finish line.


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