Make yourself at home. Millions of people enjoy Fayette County, West Virginia, as a premier vacationland because it offers wild or mild adventure, unsurpassed natural wonders, and a small-town atmosphere. For those reasons, many of our visitors choose to return and relocate here. We think you will share their reasons why Fayette County is an ideal home.

Location and Climate

  • 250 miles from 10 metropolitan areas
  • Interstates I-77, I-64, Rt 19
  • Rail and air accessible and affordable
  • Moderate climate
  • Four colorful seasons

Quality of Life

  • Diverse medical services
  • Clean air, pure water
  • Churches of all denominations
  • Low cost of living taxes
  • Work and volunteer opportunities
  • Safest state in the USA

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Top 10 Reasons to Live in West Virginia

  1. Clean, fresh air
  2. Scenic natural wonders
  3. Close to friends and family
  4. Ten major cities within 250 miles
  5. Plenty of greens
  6. Nothing costs a lot of green
  7. Fairs, festivals, and fuel
  8. Welcoming churches
  9. Volunteer and work opportunities
  10. It’s Almost Heaven