Richard “Rick” Pannell

Running For Magistrate

I am seeking your vote for the nonpartisan position of Magistrate (Division 2) in Fayette County. I am a devoted Christian and family man, which includes my wife Holly, our children Katelynn and Ricky, and our two dogs. I have served our Fayette County community for many years and look forward to continuing to serve for years to come. I spent 18 years working for the Oak Hill Fire Department and was also previously employed as a DOH supervisor. I’ve spent the past seven years as a collision repair teacher for Fayette County Schools. I feel that I have qualities that will make me a strong and effective magistrate: commitment, common sense, communication, and courage.

Commitment- I possess a strong work ethic and I am committed to achieving my goals. I am committed to serving our community and I vow to be a reliable and dedicated advocate for our citizens.

Common sense- I have the ability to apply the law to the facts and I understand how a judicial decision will affect those involved. I will listen to the facts presented to me and I will consistently use patience, compassion, humility, and common sense to listen to all sides and make unbiased decisions.

Communication- I am able to speak to others with compassion, humility, and open- mindedness while also being firm and decisive. Magistrates must be approachable. People feel comfortable talking to me because I respect different perspectives and I am able to humbly and respectfully offer explanations.

Courage- A magistrate must be willing to do what the law requires, even when the course that must be followed is not a popular one. I appreciate and respect the need for rules, and I possess the courage and integrity to follow our laws.

I promise you I will be dependable, honest, fair, and respectful to all parties and will always uphold the law. I humbly ask for your support, and I hope to continue serving our community as your next elected magistrate.


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