Chuck Miller

Running For Sheriff

I am a 56 year old life long resident of Fayette County. I am a husband, a father, grandfather and local business owner of StarLite Drive-in and Tee Time Sports Restaurant. My wife and I have been married 32 years and we have 2 wonderful children and a granddaughter. I am running for Sheriff of Fayette County because I care. I care about Fayette County’s residents and I care about the future of our children. I want Fayette County to be a safe place for all residents and I want our children to have a safe place to raise their children. I promise to be tough on crime and always have an open door policy for all concerned citizens. I plan to provide protection to outlying communities of Fayette County. I plan to send Fayette County deputies to drug task force training and create an interdiction team to combat the trafficking of illegal drugs through Fayette County. I will make sure every school has resource officer present to protect our children and teachers. After working for 32 years in the coal industry and as a former superintendent of a coal mine, responsible for 50 employees and managing a 15 million dollar annual budget I feel I am more than qualified to manage our sheriffs department and officers, as the position of Sheriff is primarily an administrative position. But I won’t stop there. I will fight for Fayette County. I won’t stop fighting for the rule of law, to stop the flow of illegal drug’s and criminal activity. Its time for a change…. And I give you my word, a vote for Chuck Miller for Sheriff of Fayette County will be that change.


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