The search is on to find the next person to serve Fayette County and the New River Gorge. This person would be working for two nonprofit organizations. This would include event planning for large and small events. This person would also need to have excellent organizational skills to effectively handle multiple tasks. This is a full time, flex position with varied hours and some holidays.

Please send resume and cover letter to:

Search Committee

310 W. Oyler Ave.

Oak Hill, WV 25901

Or you may email your cover letter and resume to

Deadline for resumes is May 15, 2019 at 5PM. Thank you in advance for passing the word.



    Serves as Executive Director, for both organizations,


    Plans, organizes, directs and coordinates programs, policies and activities to assure objectives are attained and plans fulfilled.


    Manages, maintains records, contracts and protects the trademark of Bridge Day working with the Bridge Day Commission.


    Maintains effective internal and external relationships through management and leadership, achieves economical, productive planning and constructive growth for the good of the organization.


    SUPERVISORY: Supervises staff and volunteers


    POSITION TYPE/EXPECTED HOURS OF WORK this is a full time, at will position. The Executive Director may be required to work evenings, weekends and holidays. The hours are varied. Executive Director answers to the Executive Board Committee for each organization.


    SUMMARY OF DUTIES AND RESPONSIBLITIES: Within the limits of the Bylaws and Policies the Executive Director is responsible for and has authority to accomplish the duties set forth below,


    • Guides the development of the overall program of work. Is responsible for directing and implementing, with the aid of the staff the program of work including all policies adopted by the Board of Directors.


    • Consultation with the Board of Directors on long range projects and policies to help achieve important community goals. Upon approval works with staff/committees to implement. Coordinates work of all committees, excluding nomination committee which is formed by the Executive Committee, the Executive Director does not serve on this committee.


    • Personnel (Staff) the Executive Director has general responsibility for all personnel. Encourages attendance to conferences to help staff understand the industry and where the organization fits in the program of work for tourism. Responsible for maintaining staff morale and continuing education of staff members for the betterment of their performance as part of the Team.


    • Pursues other funding opportunities and partnerships. The ability to interact with elected officials, lodging properties, taxing authorities and the public. Reviews and evaluates legislation, pending or proposed, which will have an immediate or future impact on the organization and moves forward with action through committee or staff for the protection of the organization and its mission.


    • News Releases prepares or directs the preparation of articles or fact sheets reflecting the mission of the organization. Serves as the spokesperson for the organization.


    • Partnerships with cities, municipalities, counties and state for the greater good of the Chamber & CVB. Partners are different from Members. The CVB does not have members, they have taxing partners. The Chamber is a membership organization.


    • Oversees and signs agreements and contracts for the organization with direction and approval of the Board of Directors / Executive Board


    • Analyze and monitor operating budget with the bookkeeper and present to the respective boards for approval annually with monthly reports.


    • Membership oversees all membership solicitation efforts including new members and maintenance of current members


    • Participation in a variety of boards; attends and participates in professional group meetings and is a member of those organizations that fit the mission of the New River Gorge region.


    PHYSICAL DEMANDS The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met to successfully perform the essential functions of this job.


    While performing the duties of this job, the Executive Director is required at times to do many things from speaking publicly to working the front desk to making sure the facilities are clean.


    This position may require occasional lifting of brochure boxes (approx. 30 lbs.) or other marketing / office materials.


    TRAVEL This position requires travel within the region as well as other destinations that may be determined in the course of the job. Standard mileage (IRS rate) will be reimbursed. This position requires a valid West Virginia driver’s license


    REQUIRED EXPERIENCE Five (5) years of experience in management, marketing or a similar hospitality industry or association.